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hhh Element 7.75 Paisel Complete Skateboard

Element 7.75 Paisel Complete Skateboard

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The Element Paisel 7.75"  is a great size for all types of street skating and come in a sweet foil graphic. Light and tight for landing kickflips, ollies and grinding your way around the park. The Element 7.75 Paisel Complete Skateboard comes with 52mm 95a all-terrain wheels with matching element graphics. A great wheel for the street and the park, perfect for the beginner and experienced riders, allowing a smoother ride on the street but hard enough for good speed in the skate park. A high-quality complete set-up, ready to skate straight out of the box! 


Element 5" Trucks
Element 52mm 95a Wheels
Element Abec 5 bearings 
7/8" Black Hex bolts