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hhh Sayshun Speed Complete Longboard

Sayshun Speed Complete Longboard


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Founded in 2001, Sayshun is a longboard brand owned under Medium Distribution. In addition to Sayshun, Medium also controls widely known brands such as Stereo, Gravity, Theeve, Cult, and Sabre. Sayshun goes above and beyond the standard when it comes to longboarding. They’re always discovering new ways to tweak their longboard infrastructure. Sayshun's success comes from producing high quality decks that stand the test of time. As a Canadian brand, the company uses only the finest maple ply for their longboard decks. Their maple is ISO14001 certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, so you know their decks are a premium product to own! Sayshun longboard decks are incredibly strong and durable, outlasting other longboard brands. They have a reputation in the industry for being hardcore—perfect for cruising city streets, destroying ramps, and doing tricks. Looking for a longboard that’s already assembled? Sayshun has you covered. Equipped with a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape, Sayshun complete longboards are ready to ride when they reach your doorstep. All of their complete longboards feature the same graphics you’d see if you bought one of their decks separately. No matter your riding style preference, you won’t be disappointed in Sayshun longboards!



Trucks - Bustin-Paris 180mm matte black

Wheels - Divine Road Ripper Red 70mm x 78A

Bearings - Bones Reds