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hhh Almost Red Rings Impact Cooper Skateboard Deck 8.0

Almost Red Rings Impact Cooper Skateboard Deck 8.0


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The Red Ring 8" is the Cooper Wilt Pro Model Impact Support Construction Deck from Almost Skateboards. This classic street size is light and super strong, with Impact Support Carbon discs for epic longevity and super crispy POP! This 8" deck is a versatile size board that's perfect for street shredding, super really light with a full concave and steep kick. Impact Support deck construction is made by adding die-cut carbon-fiber discs around the truck mounts. Impact support discs make the 7-ply North American Maple & Epoxy Resin deck stay stiff and fresh for far longer.


  • Impact Support Carbon Construction
  • Full Concave
  • Steep Kick
  • Cooper Wilt Pro Model