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Crep Triple Threat Pack


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To guard your favourite kicks against dirt or liquids and then provide you with the tools to keep them sparkling is the Crep Protect "Triple Threat" Pack. This pack provides anyone serious about clean kicks with an arsenal of weapons to always be rocking dirt free footwear. Crep Protect Cure will also bring back to life old sneakers ready to be put back into rotation.

In the pack

Crep Protect Spray
Crep Protect Cure Pack (Premium Brush, Cleaning Solution, Microfibre Towel)
Crep Protect Wipes (12 Pack)
Crep Protect Spray
The O.G. of the Crep Protect line-up – Crep Protect Spray. Imagine a time before Crep Protect, when you’d spill some liquid on your shoes and that might as well be the end of your fresh out of the box look.

We hit the lab with one intention – keep liquids from ruining your shoes so you can maintain your style and maintain your fresh for as long as possible. We came out of the lab with the one and only Crep Protect Spray. One can is able to keep up to 12 pairs of shoes protected from liquids for up to 4 weeks, and whether your shoes are suede, nubuck, or canvas, your kicks are protected by an invisible layer of total liquid protection.
Crep Protect Cure
The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is the ultimate when it comes to a shoe cleaning kit, and like everything we create, we did it with the sneakerhead in mind. We created our own cleaning solution, as well as creating our own brush that is suitable for any and all shoe materials.

The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is designed to clean deeply without affecting the look, feel, and shape of your shoe in any way. Made of 98% natural ingredients, including coconut extracts, water, and jojoba, and using short and soft brush bristles, the Crep Protect Cleaning Kit really takes care of your shoes the way you always have.

The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit comes with a brush, the cleaning solution, and microfiber cloth, giving you a total cleaning solution for your kicks all in a branded Crep Case.
Crep Protect Wipes
We call the Crep Protect Wipes “The Ultimate Cleaning Wipes” for a really good reason. The Wipes are the one accessory any good sneakerhead knows they shouldn’t leave the house without. Throw them in your back pocket, in your wallet, or throw them in your backpack – just don’t leave your house without them.

Good for when you’re on the go. If you see a stain or a scuff, just like that, it’s gone with Crep Protect Wipes. The Crep Protect Wipes are suitable for use on leather, canvas, vinyl, nylon, and more. Crep Protect Wipes are double sided, with one side being softer for general cleaning, and a rougher side for those tougher stains. The Wipes come packed up in a slick and presentable tin box, each box contains 12 Crep Protect Wipes, and they are all individually sealed.