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hhh Dot Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Dot Cruiser Electric Skateboard


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This dot model is the right mix of power, portability and range. With a standard configuration of one motor and one battery - you have the option to upgrade to a two-motor configuration and add up to three batteries. 


18 mph/30 kmh


18 miles/30 km


Up to 30%

Light and durable 37" maple V-Ply + fibreglass deck with kick tail feels like a real skateboard 

One, two or three swappable battery configurations 

One or two Hub Motor wheel configurations interchangeable 83mm 78a urethane wheels

Extra light magnesium front trucks with built-in skate tool

83mm front wheels

Precision Abec-7 bearings

Three ride modes: Novice, Eco and Expert

dotPUSH System fully conceals wiring through patent-pending rear truck 

The proprietary dot Hub Motor

dot Lithium-Ion Battery - the world's most advanced electric skateboard battery managament system

dot Remote Control with intelligent, customizable features

USB magnetic charging cable for Remote Control 

Rigid-shell carry case with custom moulded internal compartments

One year manufacturer's warranty


dot Customer Care peace of mind



One Battery 6 Miles/10 Kms

Two Batteries 12 Miles/20 Kms

Three Batteries 18 Miles/30 Kms

Max Speed: 18 MPH/30 Kmh

Hill Climb: up to 30% grade

Product Weight:

One Battery + One Motor: 12 lbs/5 kgs

Two Batteries + One Motor: 14 lbs/6 kgs

Two Batteries + Two Motors: 16 lbs/ 7 kgs

Three Batteries + One Motor: 16 lbs/7 kgs

Three Batteries + Two Motors: 18 lbs/ 8 kgs

Dimensions: 10 inches/25 cms (wide), 37 inches/93 cms (length), 5 ½ inches/14 cms (height)

Peak Power: 2,100 watts

Brakes: regenerative braking delivered by the dot Hub Motor

Deck: 6mm V-Ply + fiberglass, eco-resin construction

Wheels: 83mm 78a urethane

Front Truck: 150mm Magnesium reverse kingpin

Charge Time:

One Battery with Standard 1.5a 48V Adaptor - 60 Minutes

Two Battery with Standard 1.5a 48V Adaptor - 120 Minutes

Three Battery with Standard 1.5a 48V Adaptor - 180 Minutes

One Battery with Standard 3.5a 48V Adaptor - 45 Minutes

Two Battery with Standard 3.5a 48V Adaptor - 90 Minutes

Three Battery with Standard 3.5a 48V Adaptor - 135 Minutes


Remote Control RF adaptor: proprietary 2.4 GHZ protocol