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hhh Element Conifer Complete Skateboard 8.0

Element Conifer Complete Skateboard 8.0

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 Deck Construction: 75% Maple Wood, 15% Steel, 8% Eurathane, 2% Sandpaper, Reg Blk Grip, 52mm tall x 18.5mm riding surface x 33mm wide Full shape Wht Urathane Wheel, 5.25 Raw Polished Element Trucks with 90a Wht Bushings, 7/8 Hex bolts, ABEC 5 Bearings

Apart of the Commit or Quit Capsule.

Ornamental Conifer is an artist whose background started painting trains & walls, until he discovered his skill in sign writing style which would propel him from his home turf in London to residing in LA, showing at art galleries globally and consulting for some if the biggest global brands.

It is about commitment, using ‘One Shot’ paint, a sign writer, when applying that precision on surfaces such as glass, you have one shot! Like skateboarding, it takes real commitment to make that trick. The geometric shapes demonstrate that precision in hand painting with zero error which a takes a huge amount of commitment.

The lines are faultless, so, commit or quit!