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hhh Ironlak 7mm Chisel Tip Ink Marker Cyan

Ironlak 7mm Chisel Tip Ink Marker Cyan


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The Pump Action valve system has been created to offer artists a superior quality adjustable output paint marker across a range of different surfaces and application techniques. The 7mm Pump Action ink marker boasts a durable chisel tip great for creating clean strokes and filling medium sized areas with ease. Refillable from the rear of a durable PP barrel filled with a select range of highly opaque, odourless Ironlak Premium formula water based paint colours.


Product specifications:


Lightfast and permanent

Chisel tip

Suitable for most surfaces

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Strong PP barrel for long life


Pump Action valve system allows adjustable ink output

Ideal for large scale works and poster marking

Xylene free