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hhh Matter Wheels Mi3 - 8 Pack

Matter Wheels Mi3 - 8 Pack


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Mi3 wheels cater to those skaters that might feel the need for an alternative to G13 and Code White. Mi3 wheels were developed from scratch, aiming to bring a fast insert wheels with a solid core rather than the traditional hollow core to the market. So the new core is a masterpiece of its own, with five pairs of slightly offset core providing the necessary amount of stiffness, while still leaving some flexibility for that extra snap at the end of your push. The outer tire of the Mi3 wheels is the famous MATTER PU, the same material as the G13 wheels.

The Mi3 wheels from Matter fill a gap in the market. They are perfect for road racing. This wheel uses a single piece core but still has insert technology due to injected construction. These aspects make this wheel great model for anyone wanting a race wheel for great value.


  • Matter F1/86a 110mm wheels; 8-pack; Core: Single piece core with insert technology
  • Matter F1/86a 100mm wheels; 8-pack; Core: Single piece core with insert technology