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hhh Momentum Magazine Issue 4

Momentum Magazine Issue 4

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76 Full Colour Pages, A4 Size, Saddle Stitched.

Back from their fourth trip to the printers, The Momentum team have absolutely jam packed this edition with interviews and articles like never before. TRYST TMPS came on as guest creator in order to showcase and 
interview some artists of his choosing. SYTAK shares his journey to date with us, whilst SKANDAL takes us in on the “Behind-The-Scenes” preparation for his latest exhibition. Obsessed with the Boogaloo Brothers? Us too, Check out their first ever magazine feature and find out why they got fired from their jobs for painting trains. MARE 007 shares some of his work in Pattaya and the man  NOZZLEFINGER tells us about the pitfalls of running a small business and the value of the November Reign festival to a town like Coffs Harbour