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hhh MTN Hardcore Spray Paint - RV42 Regina Grey

MTN Hardcore Spray Paint - RV42 Regina Grey

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$9.50 6-11 mixed cans $9.00 12+ mixed cans

MTN Hardcore Spray Paint 400ml Regina Grey RV-42 is one of 142 shades Hardcore offers that encompasses a wide spectrum of intense colors.

The Hardcore range is a 400ml Synthetic solvent based enamel gloss spray paint. which is fast-drying with good hardening and durable characteristics. This tool is excellent in the graffiti community and is also a valid product for DIY, industrial and commercial uses where the properties of a high quality paint are required.

Combine, test, and win. MTN Hardcore paint is compatible with all the MTN products. It dries in a few minutes and after 24-48 hours, depending on the number of coats applied and the atmospheric conditions, the film hardens completely, thus increasing its resistance.