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hhh Powell Peralta Mini Cubic Blue 65mm / 95A

Powell Peralta Mini Cubic Blue 65mm / 95A


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Killer 80s wheel, great for extra crusty spots and dirty ditches. Look great with pig/wide decks. A little grippy, they slide better after breaking in. Use big risers for clearance when turning! Very heavy, so stop doing Ollie’s and flip tricks for a while and enjoy conquering extra crusty terrain and rough surface texture!!! Fun for slappies too, the big size and conical shape allow the board to practically crawl up curbs with ease with a classic 80s style. Use rails to get extra clearance for boardslides!! Mini Cubics are a great classic wheel! with smooth 95a formula offering a smooth cruise down to the pub. Destroy bowls and vert ramps with more grip on wooden and metal ramps. Coming in the original shape, you'll be crushing coping like Caballero!