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hhh Reckless Wheels Ikon 62mm 4 Pack

Reckless Wheels Ikon 62mm 4 Pack


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From the makers of Antik Skate Boots! Super high grade of awesome roller skate wheels. That about covers it!
Reckless wheels are made for derby. Super lightweight, yet rigid, nylon hubs combined with a unique urethane makes it hard to keep these wheels on the ground! Reckless roller derby wheels are the perfect balance between a narrow wheel for agility and a wide wheel for stability (they fall in-between Heartless and B'Zerk). Designed with a slight "lip" on the outer edge to add stability, grip, and a "snap" at the end of your push, by extending the urethane over the edge of the hub just a little, you get extra control in the turns and extra spring in your jukes.

Classically, wheels with a lip were seen as less desirable because the flex on the edge made them less rigid, and the urethane often had a tendency to "chunk off" in the areas that stuck out over the hub. But Reckless Wheels are made of a type of urethane that has never before been used on roller skate wheels, and modern roller derby skaters are finding that it's not always about having the most rigid wheel, but it's about having the right design to improve your game. These wheels are solid and lightweight, rigid in their control, and made to spring in all the right places.

Need that extra help juking to the right in the middle of a left turn on the track? Having trouble keeping your edges in contact with the track when taking a fast turn? Yeah, these were made for that.

The Reckless IKON wheels are the standard 62mm height and 38mm wide. Also try the Reckless EVADER wheels in the low-profile 59mm height, for quicker starts and quicker feet.

Ultra Bright Colors!

Black - 88A - Grippy

Blue - 93A - Good balance of grip and stick, great for concrete or sport court

Purple - 95A - Harder wheel on concrete, good for heavier skaters on concrete, good for sport court or wood floors

Orange - 97A - Good for wood floors and masonite or birch banked tracks