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hhh Sure Grip Barrel Bushing 4 Pack - Red 93A

Sure Grip Barrel Bushing 4 Pack - Red 93A

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It's the Sure-Grip Super Cushions.

Cushions (or bushings) are a cheap and easy way to quickly improve the performance of your skates.


  • Changing your cushions can give you more action, maneuverability and easier turning
  • Make c-curves and lateral movements easier
  • Made from top of the line material that exhibit great rebound and longevity

Hardness: Blue 72A (extra soft), Yellow 79A (soft), Purple 85A (medium), Red 93A (hard).

Please note: These cushions suit many common plates such as the Rock plate, Thrust plate or Trition plate but they do not fit all plates. If you're unsure just ask us.

Sold as a set of 4. Depending on your plate you may need to purchase 2 sets of barrels or a set of conical cushions.