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hhh Suregrip Century Trucks w Quick Release 4 Pack

Suregrip Century Trucks w Quick Release 4 Pack


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Complete Sure-Grip clip axle truck assembly. The axle clip opens and closes to allow quick changing of wheels while keeping them secure when in the locked position. Comes with 7mm axles.  if you need to fit 8mm bearings, add the axle sleeves to create a perfect 8mm fit. Works with Sure-Grip and Dominion plates that accept a traditional kingpin and action nut as shown; like Sure-Grip Century, Probe, Rock, Competitor, Super X or Jogger. Dominion Marathon and Marathon II plates (not reverse kingpins like Marathon IV or D-Lite plates). May work with other plates that have a standard rubber pivot as well. Axle measures 4" in length. 7mm (9/32") diameter wheel axles. Kingpin is 2-1/4" long x 3/8" diameter. 

This price is just for the trucks, does not include bushings & king pin.