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hhh Undercover Wheels Dual Density 58mm 92a 4 Pack

Undercover Wheels Dual Density 58mm 92a 4 Pack


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Undercover (UC) is the leading urban, freestyle and aggressive aftermarket wheel brand. Whether you are grinding, sliding, jumping or just cruising, UC has you covered. Made from the finest American PU to create fast rolling, but incredibly abrasion resistant wheels. The PU is bonded to a strong hub to give you a solid and stable platform. The Dual Density is a masterpiece in its own right, a softer shock absorbing PU is bonded to the core on the inside, with a harder, fast rolling PU on the outside. Creating a fast, smooth ride with extra shock absorption on jumps and gaps. This wheel is 58mm, flat profile and 92A on the outside PU.

Wheels: Dual Density 58/92A Wheel for Aggressive Inline Skating, soft inner core, out of longlasting Superurethane PU

Shape/radius: flat shape

Made in the USA