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hhh Z-Flex Logo Mini Blue Complete Skateboard 7.25

Z-Flex Logo Mini Blue Complete Skateboard 7.25


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The perfect board for the younger grommie wanting to learn the basics and advance into ollies and flip-trick-greatness.


Built Tough

Highest quality aluminium trucks for strength and control.

Lightweight, high-speed, ABEC-7 bearings.

The Z-Flex wheels formula gives you a superior ride and control. Grips or slides where you need it.

Highest quality maple timbers to make ensure every deck has the strength and pop to go to the next level of rad.


Length: 29.125"

Width: 7.25"

Z-Flex 52mm Wheels

Z-Flex 5" Raw Trucks

ABEC7 7-Speed Bearings

1" Hardware