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hhh ABEC 11 Wheels 70's Flashback 70mm Green 4 Pack

ABEC 11 Wheels 70's Flashback 70mm Green 4 Pack


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Flashbacks are our all time favorite longboard wheels. They are really fast and rebound over cracks exceptionally well. They are notorious for being incredibly drifty and fun at speed. They are sideset and will extend the width of your axle. You can use these wheels on wider decks while still using a 160mm longboard board truck like Attack RKP’s. The side set core distributes more weight on the inside lip allowing the outer lip to be more flexible and allow you to slide better than ever before. Flashbacks are exceptionally fun and predictably drifty. They will leave some of the thickest ‘thane lines you will ever see! It’s same golden buttery smooth classic formula that has made Abec 11 so popular with freeriders across the world.