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hhh Chaya Bliss Kids Adjustable Quad Skates Vanilla

Chaya Bliss Kids Adjustable Quad Skates Vanilla

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The Chaya Bliss Vanilla roller skate is the latest innovative creation. It´s the first of its kind featuring a brand-new construction. Changing the size just takes a few seconds by simply turning the lever placed on the rear of the skate. The boot always keeps its original form as just the toe cap inside the boot moves back and forth to allowing you to adjust the size. The skate impresses with great quality, comfort and nice support. 

model:  Melrose Deluxe
but:  Eco Leather
plate:  Chaya Aja made of fibreglass
wheels:  Octo Paseo, 62mmx38mm / 78a
bearings:  Wicked - Abec 5