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hhh Chaya Drift Wheels 59mm 92a 4 Pack

Chaya Drift Wheels 59mm 92a 4 Pack

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The Chaya Drift is a high-quality wheel built and designed with jam and dance skating in mind at an affordable price. At a 92A durometer hardness, this wheel is suitable for those who prefer a hard and fast wheel or those who skate on very sticky floors. This multi-use wheel can also be used for roller derby or park skating. The Chaya Drift has a great feel, perfect for fast stops, slides, and precise edging.
  • Weight: 82g
  • Sizes: 59mmx38mm
  • Plate Manufacturing Process: 3D stamped and embossed
  • Wheel Diameter: 59mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 92A
  • Wheel Compound: Outdoor Elite Performance
  • Wheel Profile: Flat
  • Wheel Bearing Standard: 608
  • Wheel Width: 38mm
  • Grip: Medium
  • Wheel Manufacturing Process: Cast