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hhh Chaya Rental Roller Skates

Chaya Rental Roller Skates

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Chaya Rental skates are built to last. Made with strong, thick, and durable action leather and vinyl and strong support on inside for heel and side part. Perfectly placed strong and reinforced eyelets make this skate fit like a glove. Super nice and comfortable padding and fit due to the new perfectly fitting last from Sergio McCargo himself, one of the best shoemakers in the skate industry. Waxed laces, anatomically shaped cut, and the new BSS outsole from Chaya around up this skate. The new outsole has a heel shock absorber as well as is completely stitched to the boot on the front for longer durability. The Skate is powered by Chaya Shari plates, a long-lasting Chaya Controller stopper, Wicked ABEC 7 bearings, and Chaya wheels in 59mm/83A for fun on any rink surface.