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hhh Ironlak Aerosol Spray Paint Ogre

Ironlak Aerosol Spray Paint Ogre

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$8.55 6-11 mixed cans $8.10 12+ mixed cans

Created to Create

Ironlak was born out of a desire to make quality spray paint more accessible. The end game was simple more artists, making more art. The new and improved Lak represents the next frontier of graffiti spray paint. Over the last few years, weve incrementally redesigned every aspect of our product and refined our quality control processes to deliver you a spray can that is more reliable and an absolute dream to paint with. With upgraded pigments that last. A softer, more versatile valve system. And vibrant colours that offer superior coverage without blocking. You can create your work with confidence. Discover Ironlak today and make your mark on society.

  • This paint is solvent-based which makes it a more long lasting option.
  • It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
  • There is 400 mL of paint in each can.
  • It features a soft and versatile valve system for great control over the paint.
  • The vibrant colours offer great coverage without blocking.