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hhh Lander Pavement Rodeo 30 x 8" Complete Skateboard

Lander Pavement Rodeo 30 x 8" Complete Skateboard

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The RODEO is a full-size cruiser with a unique look and a super fast rideready for the street or the park. Complete with Paris Street Trucks, stainless steel bearings, and high quality Lander wheels in Solid Yellow, the RODEO will turn heads wherever you ride!

Lander decks are crafted from a proprietary blend of Certified Ocean Recycled Nylon, sourced entirely from abandoned fishing nets. This unique material is combined with glass fiber to ensure a high-performance riding experience. The manufacturing process employed is injection molding, chosen for its efficiency and waste-free nature. The recycled nylon used in Lander decks is supplied by an ISO 9001-certified provider, accredited by the IDFL Laboratory and Institute in adherence to Global Recycled Standards (GRS). Notably, this material has received UL 2809 Recycled Content Validation through the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Recycled Content.

Deck: 30 x 8"

Components: 129mm Paris Trucks, 61mm x 85A Lander Wheels, Abec 7 Bearings