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hhh Loop Spray Paint 600ml - Maxi Lens

Loop Spray Paint 600ml - Maxi Lens

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$15.20 6-11 mixed cans $14.40 12+ mixed cans

Loop spray paints are manufactured without the use of any harmful, hazardous products, such as lead-based pigments, hexavalent chromium, or other heavy metals; they are also free of aromatic compounds, such as xylene and toluene. Loop Colors is proud to use all recyclable materials in its production, and employs propellants that are not harmful to the ozone layer.

Loop Colors paints are 100% acrylic resin with a high-solid content, allowing for superior coverage across all surface types and compatibility with most paints available on the market. These paints dry quickly and do not drip or crack, even when applied at considerable thicknesses.

Loop spray paints are unique in that they feature an adjustable special valve system. The Loop valve system can create both high and low pressure sensations depending on the force applied. This system has a soft, slightly nebulized spray, which ensures precision without excessive dispersion into the air. Artists can enjoy creating pressure as desired and have optimal control of the can for flawless execution.