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hhh MyFit Crown Chris Farmer Pro II Inline Skate Liner

MyFit Crown Chris Farmer Pro II Inline Skate Liner

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MYFIT Crown Liner Chris Farmer Pro II - Signature liner honouring the legend himself, Chris Farmer. Thick, comfortable fit. Powerarch, microfiber lining.

"The Crown liner is the epitome of comfort and support. The combination of memory foam & amp; microfiber lining lets your feet breathe freely whilst feeling like they’re in the clouds. With lace loops from the start of your toes to well above your ankle, you’ll be able to create a vacuum of comfort & amp; stability to which you desire. The Powerarch provides an additional wraparound layer of support, including removable inserts, to which you can adjust vertically above your ankle. A patch of double stitched suede was added to the exposed outside area to help protect it from abrasion. Also included are a memory foam insole and shock absorber. Dressed up in black with a hint of peach, this is MYFIT 4 U." - Text by Chris Farmer

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Boot:   MYFIT liner with 90°C