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hhh Night Quill Spray Paint Actuator Infrared Soft Touch

Night Quill Spray Paint Actuator Infrared Soft Touch

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Night Quill tm has been developed to aid, assist and further the art forms utilizing spray paint. We utilize technical and ergonomic design to manufacture a new era of art & graffiti implements.

Night Quill goal is to bridge the gap with skill level as a beginner and offer products that give confidence and assist in the most creative artistic outcome. Having such tools will give people experiencing muscle, joint or tendon problems a chance to continue their art practice and career path.

Night Quill isn’t a throw away product, but a tool to be taken care of and reused many times.

There are 3 colour coded Night Quills available with varying (Bounce) Soft, medium or hard Touch.

The Infra Red/Black - Soft touch ( a lot of bounce/travel ) which is great for hard valve systems
and fat caps.