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hhh Powerslide Cyclone Race Helmet Black

Powerslide Cyclone Race Helmet Black

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The Cyclone helmet protects you safely and is very lightweight. It’s the ideal helmet for (speed-) skater and cyclists. The helmet is aerodynamic and helps you cut through the air effortlessly while still being incredibly comfortable thanks to the adjustable ring that allows you to easily find the perfect fit. The keeps you safe from falls and abrasions, incorporating high-density foam and a strong and durable shell. Well-ventilated, the POWERSLIDE Cyclone helmet helps keep you cool and on track even during those long skate tours and marathon races. At home on the road and on the track and ready to help you reach new speeds safely and with confidence. The Cyclone complies with the European safety standard for bicycle helmets.
54cm - 58cm, 58cm - 61cm