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hhh Powerslide Hurricane Red 4 Pack

Powerslide Hurricane Red 4 Pack

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76mm / 85a

More spin! Powerslide offers all types of polyurethane (PU) inline skating wheels, focusing on the highest quality for your endless roll and fun skate experience.

Mastering the balance of grip and roll, on 4 small or 3 big wheels, for kids, women or men, for fitness, speed, slalom or freeskating, our super high rebound wheels in all diameters are ready. Replacing your old wheels with a new set will boost your ride, the easiest & most effective upgrade.

Material: The wheel is made out of SHR polyurethane material.

Shape/radius: The wheel comes in 76/80mm with a hardness of 85A and an urban radius

Core: The wheel has a full strengthened fiberglass nylon core.