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hhh USD Sway 60 Aggressive Inline Skates

USD Sway 60 Aggressive Inline Skates

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The USD Sway 60 Aggressive Inline Sway 60 skates are ideal for tricks in the skatepark and street. This model of USD aggressive skates comes equipped with a quality hard boot. This is exactly you if you are looking for a skate with a snug fit and responsive handling and support and a good power transfer.

The USD Sway 60 aggressive skates run small in size. We therefore recommend choosing one size up from your regular shoe size.

  • V-Cut cuff offering you increased mobility and maneuverability for versatile skating
  • Composite frame with a rugged and light design offering you a comfortable ride due to the absorption of road vibrations
  • 61mm wheels with a hardness of 90A and a wide profile for fast acceleration and solid landings of your tricks

Wheel diameter: 61mm
Wheel hardness: 90A
Frame type: Flat setup
Boot/Shell type: One-piece, Hard
Liner features: Removable, Shock absorber, Stretch Toe
Closure: Lacing, Buckle
Bearing precision: ABEC-7
Wheel width: 24mm
Frame material: Fiber glass, Plastic, Composite
Boot material: Plastic, Composite
Liner material: Textile, Mesh
Cuff: Flexible, High lateral support, V-Cut, Built-in
Mounting: UFS
Soulplate: One-piece, Replaceable
Backslide plate: Built-in
Weight: 59.97oz
Recommended for: Aggressive skating
Size Measurement
To find the correct fitting skate follow the below directions to find your CM foot measurement. Once you have determined your CM foot measurement of your larger foot compare it to the sizing chart to select your perfect skate size. A perfect fitting skate should be a snug fit without being uncomfortable and squashed. If you have any additional sizing questions please feel free to contact us.
Place a blank piece of paper on the floor flush with the bottom edge of a wall. Stand up straight against the wall on the paper with your heel firmly against the wall.
Have a friend trace around your toes onto the paper with a pencil. This will give you your heel to toe foot length. Repeat for your other foot.
Use a ruler to measure the heel to toe length for both feet. Use the longer of the two measurements to compare with the sizing chart.