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hhh USD Sway Sagona Allstar Aggressive Inline Skates

USD Sway Sagona Allstar Aggressive Inline Skates

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USD Sway Sagona All-Star - Signature skate honoring USD legend Dominic Sagona. New Sway boot, 45 strap, Kizer Fluid IV frames, anti-rocker setup.

Throw Back Signature Skate for a True OG

The Sway Sagona All-Star honors a true legend - Dominic Sagona. Arguably the first skater with a “ninja” style, the skate is stylish, durable, and innovative - just like Dominic. The new Sway boot has been updated to improve control and performance while the newly designed soul plate will have you grinding on virtually anything. The boot comes complete with a stylish charcoal colorway, dual-size liner, and a solid 45-degree strap to keep your foot snuggly in place.

The Sway Sagona All-Star comes with high-performance parts and accessories, including the popular Kizer Fluid IV frames that can slide on virtually anything. Paired with a 60mm / 45mm Grind Rock setup and smooth Wicked ABEC 9 bearings, the Sway Sagona All-Star is a high-quality signature aggressive skate that deserves to have the legendary name Sagona adorned on the side.


Boot Overview:
Hardboot; UFS mounting; USD Basic dual fit liner; not heat moldable
Frame Overview:
Kizer Fluid IV; glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK; UFS mounting;
Wheel Overview:
USD Pro; 60mm / 90A; UHR = Ultra High Rebound, UC 45mm Antirocker 60D

Bearing Overview:

Wicked; ABEC 9; chrome steel balls; carbon steel race ways