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hhh Z-Flex Banana Train Pintail Longboard Aqua

Z-Flex Banana Train Pintail Longboard Aqua


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The Banana Train longboard a staple in the range due to its great shape, versatility and ease of use for all levels of skaters. The 69mm wheels are perfect for that daily commute or surf-check cruiser with their soft durometer of 83A allowing for a smooth ride on almost all concrete surfaces. The 180mm Reverse kingpin truck sit lower and are more stable than standard trucks and use a 90A Soft Cushion for smooth turning.

8 Layers  + 2 cosmetic veneer

Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Powder-coated Trucks 

69mm 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels

Spray Grip